Author and motivational speaker, Carmela Head,  wants to empower you for destiny through transformational moments that will help you identify who you are, what you have, and what you can do makes all the difference.

"I am very excited about Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny. This book is a collection of some of the many articles that I have written over the years.  Each chapter helps us to refocus and regroup in various seasons in our lives. Sometimes we forget our uniqueness and how extraordinary we are. Sometimes we are distracted, or have moved into a new season and need to know how to move forward. Maybe, we need to recognize  that we need to realign our lives or perhaps we need to know that in God we are valued and chosen.  This book speaks to all of those seasons.  

Would you like to be inspired? Learn to recognize your value and potential, design your unique life blueprint, survive detours and enhance the lives of others?

Renew your mindset to think of your possibilities and to be encouraged to move forward.? Be inspired for the extraordinary by scriptural principles, positive affirmations, be empowered to recognize your unique attributes to identify potential and master challenges. Learn to focus on what matters most, and leave old habits and mindsets behind. Connect with God’s purposes and realize the power of faith to move you toward your destiny in Him.  

This is an insightful book has 8 sections which you can pick up and begin reading at any point. Through out the book there are "Transformational Moments and Insights" sections where you can journal. 

 Insights of this book:​

  • Stretching your comfort zone

  • Recognizing your gifts and talents

  • Celebrating Your Uniqueness!

  • Maneuvering through the processes of life

  • Getting back on track

  • And much more!.......

This book makes a great devotional and a great gift!

"I am excited about the message and the words on the pages of this book.  We are wired for success and destined to do the extraordinary! The processes, challenges, and our journey in life can oftentimes cause us to lose our focus, forget our uniqueness, or even maneuver through life without a plan. 


It is when we change our thinking, gain insight and experience "transformational moments" that makes all the difference in creating a blueprint for living as we move boldly into our destiny.  Be Transformed!" ~ Author, Carmela E. Head

What people are saying!.......

"I applaud the author with this masterfully written book. I like the comment: “stretching your comfort zone requires patience, planning and persistence.” She gives the reader a lot to digest; the manner in which she uses Scripture, woven between chapters is very enlightening. The Transformational Moments causes one to look make quantifiable changes that leads to transformation. I highly encourage others to purchase this book. You will be empowered!"

Dr. PCB, Sr   Montgomery, AL

"Be Transformed" is an incredible book that really opened my eyes to alot of different qualities within myself that I didn't recognize before"  SH     Charlotte, NC

"Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny is a powerful book that provides encouragement, inspiration, comfort....".

RM  Birmingham, AL

"Carmela's writing style and substance touches the soul like a massage of the heart from the finger of God. This book will refresh you in your ordained purpose, reform your thoughts to replace fixed thinking, and renew you with focused passion."  PB  Columbus, OH

"The Lord re-aligned my focus, challenged my perspective, drew me closer to God and closer to my destined purpose in life. I highly recommend this book and dare you to Be Transformed!"   YW   Charleston SC

"Refreshing take on empowerment.  The book

is written as if you are sitting right in  front of the writer at a bible study or in a chat lounge

with a friend"     BC  Clarksville, TN

I have the great blessing of getting to see the author of "Being Transformed" on a frequent basis. She is an inspirational powerhouse! She truly believes that we can be transformed into something far more beautiful than we currently are or imagine. Don't be fooled into thinking this is a "thin" book so it it will be a "quick read". There is much to ponder and process. I read it through quickly the first time and I'm going back through it again. Take the time to meditate on each chapter and then work through the "Transformational Moment" questions. One of my favorite lines from this book: "With all that is going on around us, we can cause or allow static to block our spiritual hearing."  BP   Charlotte, NC

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