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Transformational Resources.....

"Just like the butterfly, we are all remarkable and unique in every sense of the word"

~ Carmela E. Head

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Be Transformed Empowering You For Destiny 

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It is said that time is one of our 

greatest commodities.  Join Carmela

with making your day more efficient and

your tasks more effective.  Download your

free inspirational note card 

5 effective time-management tips by

Carmela.  Then for more empowerment,

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Are you ready to go to the next level in your personal development? Below on this page are some of the personal development resources that I provide.

Many of these resources are conducted in a workshop setting.  

Happy Valentine's Day

Carmela offers workshops and resources on the following topics:

  • Goal Setting Strategies

  1. For women groups

  2. Organizations

  3. Parent workshops

  • Maximizing Your Strengths

  • TIme Management

  • Life Skills for Women

  • Discovering and Leveraging Your Gifts

Contact Carmela for more information