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Meet Carmela E. Head, Principal & Founder of First Glance, LLC.

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First Glance, LLC's vision is to continually impart transformational content to individuals and organizations, nationally and internationally that will transform one's thinking to the extraordinary; thus, leading them to maximize their true God-designed assignments, originality and potential.


First Glance, LLC is a firm that focuses on providing excellence in empowering and inspiring individuals to recognize capacity in greatness, identify potential, expand vibrancy, emphasize and extract their uniqueness through transformational content, personal development, coaching and consulting.


First Glance, LLC has a uniquely designed logo which exemplifies
the importance of light's illumination and bringing insight.  Our motto for our logo is: "Shedding Light & Transforming Lives"

First Glance Logos have been created by Emmett S. Head of Young Touch Productions.  Copyright 2015 & Copyright 2018.

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