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  Carmela E. Head

Author       Speaker      Personal & Organizational  Leadership Development Consultant     Creative Enthusiast

Carmela E. Head is the owner and Managing Director of First Glance, LLC. She is a Christian writer who has written numerous articles, written for workshops and is a songwriter and vocalist.  Carmela is also an inspirational speaker, personal development trainer and coach. She has a passion to motivate, inspire, empower and educate others to manifest all God has created them to be. If one were to ask Carmela what is her passion she would say, “Writing, inspiring others, maximizing and operating in my creativity, talents, and gifts is my passion. I’m very proud, yet, humble to be a positive change agent to others.”


Carmela has been a long-time featured columnist for Springs of Living Water Ministries. She is in ministry and functions in the five-fold ministry gift of teaching.  


Using her creativity, Carmela designs, as well as, facilitates empowerment personal development seminars and workshops with enjoyment and enthusiasm. She is a conference and retreat speaker empowering attendees nationally.


Carmela’s goal is to use her life-learned lessons, life experiences and her newly released book, “Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny” as a platform to motivate others to recognize their unique attributes, maneuver through obstacles in life, maximize their strengths, and realize the power of faith to move forward in their destinies by using creativity and multidimensionality to engage others.  Her motto is “Transform Your Thinking To The Extraordinary!”


Carmela’s educational expertise includes a Masters Degree in Human Relations from The University of Oklahoma, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Colorado and a Certificate in Learning & Development from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Carmela has a background in the training and development, over 20 years of engaging audiences in various capacities, through music ministry, keynote speaking and inspirational speaking.


Carmela advocated for families in the educational setting and has received an expansive knowledge of family advocacy & family relations in collaborating with community partnerships in the educational arena. 


Carmela is a certified DISC Consultant, a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, and has been certified as an International Women’s Leadership Coach and a Certified Holistic Life Coach from the Professional Woman Network. Carmela presents her book and speaks at “Meet the Author” events, corporate workshops, small organization seminars, faith-based and community venues.

She is a member of the following:   International Association of Christian Coaches, Professional Woman Network, Nonfiction Author's Association, Association of Talent and Development-(ClT),  International Association of Professional Life Coaches, and National Council on Family Relations and Every.Black.

Thank you for visiting my website today.  I hope you will be empowered and inspired!  I will be happy to provide you information about my book, engaging workshops and any additional services.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

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