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Welcome to the Be Transformed Transformational Moment Podcast, hosted by Author & Speaker, Carmela E. Head where you'll receive up to 7 minutes of empowerment and inspiration to begin or continue on with your day. Whether it's starting with your first morning cup, your daily commute, your drive to or from work, a quick moment standing in line or winding down for the day, let the Be Transformed Transformational Moment Podcast bring you a motivational boost.




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Monday! June 17th

Are you maximizing your gifts? Take a moment with me today to answer the question.... What's in your basket? May you be empowered and inspired!

Are you maximizing your gifts? Take a moment with me today to answer the question.... What's in your basket?   What talent, skills. abilities do you bring to the world? If they've been tucked away, it's time to bring them to the forefront and share them with others. Join me in a 2019 flashback from my Be Transformed Transformational Moment Podcast in the episode entitled What's, "What's in Your Basket". Remember, your gifts and attributes matter!   By Carmela E. Head

Tuesday, June 18th

What ONE word could you infuse into your moment, into your day or into your situation that can enlighten it, that can empower you, that can ultimately elevate you and shift your atmosphere to a positive one?

Join me with episode #37 of the Be Transformed Transformational Moment Podcast, as we talk about the power of positive words! There's sweetness in them! Positive words elevate! Proverbs 16: 24 (ESV) says, "Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body".  By Carmela E. Head 

Wednesday, June 19th

Did you know that there is a profound difference between hearing and listening? Join me today as we find our more about

effective communication and how it takes effective listening. What an empowering episode that inspires us to sharpen and fine tune our listening skills.  Let's grow to become better communicators!

Thursday, June 20th

Jumpstart your day by joining me with today's inspiration and empowerment of the Be Transformed Transformational Moment Podcast episode #22, "Packing Light: Making More Room For Teachable Moments" Enjoy!Let's unpack this podcast!

Friday, June 21st

We can't pour out of an empty vessel no matter how you slice it.  The outcome? Burnout!  Be encouraged to know that it's when we fill our cups first, we will then have the reserve to pour out to others.  Join me with another inspiring episode, "Fill Your Cup!"

Saturday, June 22nd

I am so excited about my very first podcast recording many years ago, "Each Step Is Making A Difference.".   Perseverance and new discovery are so essential.  You never know the positive things you could encounter which becomes a defining moment.  Be empowered!

Transformational Moment Theme song is recorded by Carmela E. Head     Copyright.  All rights reserved.

Sunday, June 24th

Monday, June 25th

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