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Thank you for joining me with our monthly inspirational page called Morning Cup.  Each month we will find inspiration and empowerment

to begin our day with a motivational theme.  Listen to, watch or simply read 

something inspiring!

~ Carmela Head

Morning Cup





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WELCOME - Carmela Head, Author

July 2019 - September 2019 


Sparkling Cupcake

June 2019

"Exploration & Discovery 

Artful Table Arrangement

Embrace the new by

turning over a new leaf!

May 2019

"Spring Time!"

Springing into something new!

April 2019


Sunny Backyard

Begin Your Day  with


March 2019


BTTM Podcast 3 - Focus Drive - Author & Speaker, Carmela E. Head

Oftentimes, staying focused can be a bear!  With so many distractions around us everyday, focusing on the most important tasks can be challenging.  This month, I am featuring my most recent podcast entitled Focused Driven! Focus takes, tenacity, intentionality, and momentum!  Be encouraged to stay the course of achieving your goals.  You can do it!  

Happy Spring! ~ Carmela

Vision:  Having a clear visual definition

        February 2019

"Moments In Simplicity!"

Woman Walking in the Field
Picnic Tea




Some of our most treasured moments are in TRANQUILITY, CLARITY AND SIMPLICITY.  Would you agree? :-)  I have come to a place where I seek these moment.  Join me this month as we explore "Moments In Simplicity" - The easy moments of serenity, fellowship, enjoying our favorite pastime or hobby, listening to our favorite music, or even quiet time with a great book.  What is your "Moment in Simplicity"?

Click the Transformational Moments Blog link button to view my new article entitled "Walking In the Moment".

Have a phenomenal day! ~ Carmela

"Enjoy The Moments"...

Author & Speaker,

Carmela E. Head shares her take on just enjoying

the moments

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Morning Cup Archives!

Butterfly Embroidery

January 2019  "Time to Grow!"


BLOOM Where You're Planted!

Seedlings in Pots

"Sow Your Seeds Of

Success And Watch Them Grow!" Carmela Head

December 2018 "Your Gift Matters"

Season's Greetings!

It's time to take inventory of your gifts, skills abilities and talents.  What can can you give this holiday season?

Christmas Star Decorations
be transformed christmas promotion.jpg


"Making Room For Gratitude!"

Making Room for Gratitude!

Give Thanks
Orange Blossom

What does Gratitude look like to you?

Here we are again!  We are now in the month of November 2018!  What better month to commemorate thankfulness and gratitude!  Join me in the month of November in the Be Transformed 30 Day Gratitude Challenge and let's see how transforming a little thankfulness can be.  ~ Carmela

For more information about the gratitude challenge and how to get your free downloadable gift, click on the Transformational Resources Link or the calendar upper right.

30 Day Gratitude Challenge 2018 CALDENAR
Reflecting in the Meadow

Can you meet the challenge? Commit to writing down 1 word  every day or journal each day during the month of November to reflect your thoughts about gratitude.


"Accentuate the Positive!"

Spices in Jars
Natural Herbs

If you could be

one spice, what

would it be?

In my recent quest to find out how many

spices existed, it be came far too many to name or to count. Spices! Not only are spices used for coloring or perserving they are mostly used for flavoring.  Each and every spices has it's own unique flavor for the palette.  Each spice brings out the best in a dish.  I can truly say this because I just absolutely can't wait to make and eat a sweet potato pie.  Alspice, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg.......all of these spices accentuate the aroma and the taste of the pie!  And so are we with each of our God given talents, skills and abilities.  We accentuate others as we share them. In my book, "Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny" in chapter 4, I talk about how we are empowered by just empowering others throught accentuating the positive in others.  'We accentuate others by the array of gifts we bring'

~Carmela Head, Author & Speaker.

Get your copy of the book today and be empowered to enhance others through accentuating the positve! Click on the book for more information.






'.....move forward in all that you do.......forge ahead with your

dreams and your goals' ~ Carmela E. Head  Excerpt from page 121 in

Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny

Flying Acrobatics
Beauty of Flight


to fly, to rise high;

to increase rapidly above 

the usual level; to coast

     JUNE 2018

"Brilliant Living!"

Shining Brightly!

Take a moment to celebrate you!  Give yourself a high-five!




of light





April and May 2018

Spring into something great! 

Relax and take a break! It's time for an intermission! 

Time Out!

Here we are in April and May of 2018.  One of the most popular times for "Spring Break" and getting ready for vacations.  Taking a time-out to regroup is great, sometimes it's good to get an updated perspective on things.

I am so excited that the chapter entitled, Remember and Return, in my book, Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny, talks about taking a break.  Here is an excerpt from my book in the " Insight " section of the chapter.  I hope it will inspire you!


'Time-outs are short breaks used for regrouping, recharging and developing strategies.  We have to make time in our day to refresh our thoughts........."

Copyright 2015 Carmela E Head 

Find out more insight.

Get your copy today!

MARCH 2018

Alignment "IN-SYNC!"

What's so significant about the pinwheel? 

Join Carmela in an insightful take on alignment.

Spring is here!  Get ready to spring into something new as you move forward into your destiny!

Dream Big!

Be transformed

~ Carmela

"All parts are working together in sync"

Check out my new inspiring blogpost on the Transformational Moment Link




Welcome 2018! 

I am delighted that you have stopped by! I look forward to sharing empowering insights to motivate us to move FORWARD into our destinies in the year 2018.   Stay tuned! ~ Carmela



December is here! 'Tis the season to spread cheer with the gift of giving. What an appropriate time of year to appreciate and take stock the many unique talents, skills, abilities, and qualities that we individually share.   What comes to mind when you hear the word UNIQUE? This month we will focus on he word UNIQUE and celebrate how we are awesomely unique. I hope you will find this month's theme inspiring!

"Maximize your gift of unique talents, skills, abilities as you move boldly toward the year 2018!"

~ Carmela E. Head, Author















In one of the chapters in my book "Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny, I talk about our uniqueness and how extraordinary we are. Click the button below to find out how to order the book.


Happy Holidays! 


Uniquely stated.....




Join me in the Be Transformed Gratitude 30 Day Challenge!

November is here and what would be a better time than this than to commemorate "thankfulness" as we approach the holiday season. Join me as I embark on a 30 day journey as I challenge myself to journal one thing each day that I am grateful for. I have created the Be Transformed 30 Day Gratitude Challenge.  On the Transformational Resources link you will find a free gift that I have created with you in mind which has a downloadable November calendar and printable journal pages that you can use to journal your daily thoughts surrounding gratitude.  It is my hope that the 30 day Challenge will empower and inspire you.  Don't forget to scroll down to the lower part of this page to visit the archive inspiration from October!

October 2017

"Dream, Aspire, Set Goals!"

It's October!  We are now ten months into the year 2017!  With October being our three months away from the new year, this would be a great opportunity to stop and assess whether we have kept the momentum with our goals for this year.  There are times where individuals enter the new year with a resolution only to see their expectation slowly fizzling by February.  With a detailed plan in place ,we can set our goals, achieve them and keep the momentum by creating and managing a "blueprint for living or roadmap", if you will.    It is a personal investment of your time that goes a long way. 


In my book, Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny, one of my Transformational Moments sections talk about designing a blueprint for the many areas of your life. 


Get your copy today! Purchase one for a family member or friend to help jumpstart dreams, aspirations and goals!  Click the link below to find out where you can purchase the book.

Have a phenomenal day!



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