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One of my favorite quotes in my book, "Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny" is 'we have the capacity, the faith, and direction to move out into our destiny'. As we do that it's great to have a vision and a blueprint, if you will, to help us navigate our way successfully in obtaining our goals. Are you ready to move forward in purpose? These empowerment workshops are for you!

  • Do you need guidance on how to effectively manage your time? What are your challenges with managing your time? Balance, over-scheduling tasks, or lack of priorities? Ask me about my Time-Management Workshop.

Time Management
Hour Glass
Goal Setting
Personal Development
  • Reaching your goals not only need motivation it needs direction, vision, oversight and discovering your strengths.  Running an effective race requires implementing winning strategies.  A goal isn't a goal unless it's on paper!  Learn fundamentals on how to create, manage and track your goals. Ask me about my Goal Setting Series Workshops & Mini-Retreats. 

  • Your personal development is important.  Why not make it a priority today.  Personal Development is all about growth!  Let me help you develop a plan.  Ask me about Building Your Personal Development Plan.

I have a variety of workshops that are suitable for businesses, women's groups, faith-based ministries, organizations and churches. These workshops are engaging! Contact me for more information on the Contact Us page. Also, I host Mini-Retreat Workshops in various cities.  Visit my event page to register for upcoming mini-retreat workshops.


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       Women Retreats           

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Break-Out Sessions 

If you would like to invite me to speak at your event. Please complete the Speaker Request here:


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Join in on an engaging discussion on Carmela's book, "Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny  We will review chapters, Transformational Moments, journal pages and inspirational insights!  Pre-order copies of the book and prepare for an enriching experience. 


See my "About The Book" page: Click here

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