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With Carmela E. Head

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Join in with the challenge!

Acheivements and Random Acts of Kindness


Thank you for joining me this year for the "2020 Be Transformed Gratitude Challenge" I am glad you are here and is underway!  This is the 3rd year and I am so excited to host this again!

There is something significant about expressing gratitude.  Many have stressed the positive outcomes of taking the time to embrace gratitude throughout the day.

During this 30 day gratitude challenge, we will explore & create exciting and meaningful gratitude experiences. 


Sunday, November 1st was the kick-off!


We are on Week 1!  The focus is on "Creative Ways to Say Thank-You!"  

1.  Create your unique gratitude jar -

     Download Kit 2

2.  Pen thank-you cards to express gratitude or           find simple ways to express kindness -

     Download Kit 2

3.  Download calendar in Kit 1:

     Commit to writing down 1 thing on the                   calendar that you are thankful for.

4.  Download journal pages in Kit 1:

     Write a daily journal entry about a moment in       your day where you experienced gratitude.

     *Note: Print 30 journal pages - 1  for each day

So glad you are joining in!  :-)

Be Empowered | Be Inspired | Be Transformed

With Gratitude,


Could you use up to 7 minutes of empowerment and inspiration for your day?

Click the links below to hear Carmela's Be Transformed Transformational Moment Podcasts

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