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Each step is making a difference!

"How in the world did I get here?" Have you ever said that yourself? I have said that to myself many times. Recently, I took a stroll on a really nice October morning. As I was walking, I thought about how far my goal would be and soon I would arrive there, turn around walk back. I was excited to get some exercise in for the day. As I approached the landmark, I could not help but to gaze at the beautiful leaves around me. I thought about how each step brought me into a new neighborhood, a new street, and a new defining moment.

It was at that moment, I began to come up with new ideas to add to the list of my goals to accomplish. I relished the moment, looked at the time on my cell, turned around and headed back home. That transformational moment was very profound. I was encouraged to know that all we need to do is to keep moving forward and that each step toward our individual goals is making a difference!

Today is the day to step into your defining moment
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