Clear Visibility

Today, I was thinking about something that always makes me raise my eyebrow and say....., "Hummm?" It always amazes me about the fact of how my car SEEMS to drive smoothly when I have just taken it to the car wash and have commenced a sound vacuuming! How about you? Have you ever encountered this? I am laughing as I write this because it never ceases to amaze me that after all these years I still feel this way. It's almost like the feeling you get once you have vacuumed your entire home. It's like you have walked in to a brand new house after all of those years.. This is all too funny! Today, as I a sat at the table, with pen ready to write, my journal open, notebooks, calendars, agend

Harmony! In-Sync

Nothing sounds worse than hearing a music group, choir, band or orchestra that is out of sync. Having been a musician for most of my life, I can spot that cringing sound a mile away. But the real music to my ears is the sweet sound of a music score that is harmonic and every note is flowing together and complimenting the other. The pin wheel is such a great analogy about alignment. Each part is moving and flowing together in the same direction. Just like a car, when the wheels are in alignment it moves takes us to our destination with precision. When the alignment is off, it takes everything we have to keep the steering wheel centered. On my Morning Cup Inspiration page, I featured the vid

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