Hitting the Refresh Button: Being Open to New Ideas

As you may know or imagine, I am constantly updating my online platforms, especially my website with new content. I am very sure you may know, like me, that when searching the internet we can used to a page looking a certain way. It’s when we are in the editing mode, updating data, uploading and downloading information that we may not realize that there are minute changes taking place in the background. Hitting the old refresh button saves the new updated and relevant information. I like to call that upgrading. We’re continuously upgrading everyday especially in technology. I am not the most tech savvy with all of the new changes but I’d like to say that “I am getting there”. Clicking tha

Seeing Beyond The Obvious! Adding Value To What Is Already There

Everyday there seems to be a new product coming out in the market and everyday at a remarkable rate there are also new updated versions of things being presented: ..."The New and Improved!"...etc. This is the great thing we call innovation! I love innovation because it keeps us fresh and open to creativity. Because I am constantly thinking of creative things to do, I find myself pondering sometimes about how I can add something new to what is already there. In other words, how can I add my special touch to something and make it better. Isn't it exciting how we can take a plain box and turn it into something special and functional like a treasure box. Add some bling, color, fabric, button

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