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A Sweet Moment of Empowerment

I love perfume! My goodness, I own many bottles of them. I'd like to say that I am a perfume enthusiast, not a collector, but someone who loves the smell of a great fragrance. I do believe I inherited that passion and a nose for a great fragrance from my mother. She had bottles of luscious scents and fragrances on her dresser. I must admit, I was so inspired by her elegant selection of perfume., that I have taken a liking to colleting them.

When I was a teen living in Europe, I had amazing opportunities visiting Paris, France. While visiting, I was so excited to purchase my mother a bottle of an all time favorite fragrance in it's concentrated form. It had a lingering effect every time she wore it, Till this very day, I can still imagine the smell of that perfume. It's amazing!

As I gaze at the perfume trays that I have sitting on the vanity, I see an abundance of bottles with a pallet of different hues of colors and the beckoning of the most wonderful scents from spicy, fruity, to floral to that fresh crispy scent. I am taken by just a spritz of one of those fragrances.

Today, as I thought about those bottles of perfume, I began thinking about the power of the sweetness of perfume and fragrance. It enlightens the atmosphere around us and even seems to change our moods. You know how it is when you enter a room and all of a sudden you smell aromatherapy everywhere, like sweet orange, lemon or even peppermint. There is something uplifting about it and there is a lingering effect that is ongoing and lasts for some time.

So it is with peace, joy, love, hope, and understanding. I have come to find that these elements are like sweet aromas that linger on when we wear them. There is something profound about going through-out the day with a peaceful countenance, or embracing hope, sharing words of affirmation to yourself and others, offering ourselves moments of understanding when we need it most. Wow! Just the thought of incorporating joy, peace, love, hope and understanding into our day makes a difference. It’s a sweet fragrance that permeates our day and not to mention, it’s something that we all can wear.

May I offer a Sweet Moment of Empowerment: May your day be filled and enveloped with the sweet fragrance of hope, love, joy, peace & understanding! Sometimes we just need a little bit to add a boost to our day! A little bit goes a long way. Be empowered!


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