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The Task of Staying On Task!

I am laughing and shaking my head at the same time while I pen

this article today! I am thinking about the times I have entered

the grocery store with the intention of picking up a couple of items.

After a few strolls down each grocery aisle, I began thinking to myself

“I need this item and that item”. Just one more! By the time I got

to the end of the grocery aisle, my hands were full, things were falling

out of my hands and I was bending down picking up items only to drop

another one! This is so comical sometimes.

Then, ultimately with a mad dash, I headed over to the front of the store to pick up my hand basket. I then tried to convince myself that it’s okay, It’s just a few more things I REALLY needed!

"I am learning more about taking the time to be more

razor-focused and intentional"

Grant it, there are some items we actually do need, but I must say

there are times when it’s just not the case. LOL

I found out that when I take a to-do-list with me, I move with ease

and purpose. Thus, I am collected and am very efficient with my time as

well as eliminating the rat race and the acrobatic performance in the

middle of the aisle.

I am learning more about taking the time to be more razor-focused and

Intentional. . . . and you know what? It works for me!

I think about this grocery store shopping experience scenario quite

often when I hone in on my journey towards my vision. I have to remind

myself to take the time to get still, focused, and intentional about being

razor-focused on where I am headed and how I will get there.

Putting that old paper and pen to work, by writing things down, reviewing it, and tracking where I am and what I am doing, makes a lot of difference in being more efficient with my time. Time is one of our greatest commodities and it is of the essence. I have learned that the shopping experience is not

about how much I can balance but how much of what is in my hands is

really a necessity!

Today I will begin with this affirmation: Today, I am razor-focused and intentional about how I utilize my time as I move forward my vision. I am on task.


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