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Are Your Dreams Thirsting For Renewal? Make Today the Day of Refreshing!

By Carmela E. Head

Are your dreams thirsting for renewal? Could it be that you have been parched in the area of motivation? Sometimes in the humdrum of the busyness of life and the in the midst of checking all of the boxes in the daily grind, our motivations to dream may begin to lackluster and the dust of all that goes on around us begin to settle in our pathway hindering growth and forward movement.

So I ask again? Are your dreams thirsting for renewal? Just as we, in the natural, long for that refreshing cool drink of water to quench our thirst, so it is with the motivation of attaining our dreams. There comes an anticipation of getting that cool drink of water in our hands, to the actual intake and then to the moment that follows: the opportunity of refreshing. It’s that very moment that we feel that we can go on and reframe where we are.

In the pursuit of our dreams sometimes the evaporation of our empowerment and motivation can take place. But, be encouraged to know . . .

We can always begin anew. Sometimes we just need a little refreshing to begin again.

It is in the times of refreshing that we ignite some of our most greatest intentions of implementation to do great things: Our goals, our plans and our endeavors. Whether they are bold or minute, long term or short term, off the grid or neatly strategized,

dreams may oftentimes be in the spaces and places lying dormant and parched.

We can give our dreams and aspirations a much needed boost!

Refreshing is essential to growth. Refreshing also equates with revitalization: to impart new life or vigor. There is a dew that reappears every morning on each blade of grass. It replenishes them and reminds us that growth occurs and appears with refreshing. Are your dreams thirsty? Answer the call to moments of refreshing.

R – Remember that your dreams matter

E - Every new step forward begins a new discovery

F – Fine tune your discoveries and turn them into practices

R- Remind yourself that “You Can”

E – Execute and ignite new plans

S – Set aside time for rejuvenation

H –Heighten your awareness of the great possibilities that awaits you

We can always begin anew.

Sometimes we just need a little refreshing to begin again.

May your motivation and dreams beam with vitality and become a reality for you! Cultivation can begin now. Speak life to your those dreams that are lying dormant. Make this the moment of refreshing!

Affirmation: Today will be the day that restoration begins. Refreshing begins with me.

Be empowered today!

Copyright Carmela E. Head 2022


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