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Are You Ready For Spring?

Spring is right around the corner! I am so amazed at how time flies. I stepped out of my front door on yesterday to be greeted with budding trees up and down my block. It was truly welcoming! It’s almost as if I had just seen this very scene a year ago. 365 days ago seemed just like it was yesterday!

With Spring comes such a feeling of newness and regeneration. Each time I step into the stores, I see some of my favorite flowers on sale, as well as, packages of the many variety of seeds. I am most intrigued with the pictures on the outside of those packages because it gives us an indication of what we are to expect once we

we have planted those seeds. I started thinking about planting multiple variations of seeds (of course flowers that can grow together and those that compliment each other) in my flower pots on my front porch. It occurred to me that with each package of seeds came instructions on how, where and when to plant them, how much sunlight it should have, and watering instructions. Each package of seeds had it’s own set of

Instructions; nevertheless, each package required cultivation and a growth time-line (one of which I will call expectation).

Just like those seeds, I have come to learn in my life that with every seed of time that I sow doing those things that foster spiritual and personal development, I find that it takes cultivation and expectation.

The hard work is in the cultivating and patience in the time of

expectation because growth is a process and it does not happen over night.

I am learning that with each process of growth, I will need to take the time to bring the necessary tools to uproot old rotted roots, to break the hard, cracked, crusted ground, introduce new/fresh soil and to frequently fertilize it. The process is toiling but rewarding.

With each repetition of cultivation, I am discovering new things about myself, as well as, old mindsets, thought processes and habits that do not align with my purpose that need to be uprooted and replaced with new empowering Godly thoughts, new norms, and new actions that are fruitful and purpose filled.

I realize that time of cultivation requires being careful to observe things like bugs and other things that come to eat away and feast on the sprouts of the seeds before it fully blossoms, This stage of growth is so important that it is of the utmost importance to keep a close watch to ensure that the environment of the seeds is fostering growth. The soil must be conducive to growth. Wow! That's a revelation very often overlooked. We can't just "plop" the seeds in the soil and keep it moving, we have to work to cultivate it and watch over it with careful expectation.

This analogy of the cultivation and expectation of the growth of seeds has prompt me to get ready for newness, for upgrade, for change, ready for areas of my life that I can cultivate and make better and to create an environment in my spiritual and personal life and surroundings that is conducive to growth.

To uproot weeds and those things that are not productive, to keep close watch over the process of growth to see how I am progressing and to move forward in expectation is what I am ready to position myself for. It is just like looking at the outside of the packages of seeds: The picture on the outside of the package is the indication of what is to come.. Are we ready for Spring?


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