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Room To Grow: Extending Grace

Have you ever heard that phrase, "Please be patient with me. God is not through with me yet?" or "If first you don't succeed, try, try again?" I have! I keep these phrases as empowerment tools in my empowerment toolkit and at the forefront of mind when I am setting out to do a particular task or endeavoring to achieve a goal. Sometimes I find that giving ourselves grace to learn more is a way to empower ourselves when we feel like we are not as fine tuned in areas we would like to be,.

There is a plant that I really like. I cannot seem to remember the name or species of that plant. I have one in my house and it seems to thrive with just sun and water and not much else. It's one of those plants that if you snip a part of the vine and place it in water it begins to grow a root all by itself. I remember sometime ago, I admired that same particular plant on one of my colleague's desk. This plant was absolutely beautiful, healthy, strong and flourishing, Looking forward to that same result in my office (being that my office had no window and I needed a plant to spruce it up) I asked for piece of her plant. I placed it in a vase of water and in just about two months there was enough root to plant my own. Into a spacious pot of soil it went and it grew over time to be one of the focal points in my office offering liveliness as soon as you would come in.

Big pot. Little plant, This plant had more than enough room to grow, Although it started off as a tiny slender vine with just enough root to plant, over time it sprouted to be so much more than what it started out being. With much grace, I created a space and made room for the plant to grow.

Life's lessons has shown me that with that analogy that I can extend myself that same grace, Space to grow. Sometimes, I will need to be just like that plant and be given a big pot with room for me to expand into an area of expertise, broadening my capacity for learning something new or even embrace areas that I in which I gracefully missed the mark and need to sharpen up more,

Exploration and discovery of new strategies, new perceptions, engaging in new perspectives, and even charting new trails of honing in on polishing our personal development and self-improvement are ways of extending grace to ourselves. Our self-development is ever evolving and moving forward. Each small step is one step in the direction of growth. Create more space in your flower pot for your continual growth. Keep trying, keep moving, keep growing!

Be Transformed!


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