Say YES to your vision!

Say YES to your vision! I absolutely love great stories! Of all the motivating, empowering and inspiring things I love to hear are the testimonies of those innovators, pioneers and creative individuals who, through confidence, faith and determination pursued, seized and affirmed their dreams. I recently heard of an entrepreneur who overcame the odds of opening a business despite of the opposing words of naysayers stating that the business would and could never be profitable or successful in that particular industry. Despite those words, that business is now flourishing and is very successful! Amazing! I paused and thought what if that person, along with the multitude of others who have expe

2020 and Beyond! Rooted AND Grounded!

There is a tree in my front lawn that has merely transformed it's size right before my eyes. When we moved into our home over a decade ago, the little lanky tree stood on the center of the front yard, barely 5 feet. I remembered the day when we moved in that I wondered what the tree would grow to look like. As the years passed by, the little tree grew in small increments but surely as we speak, it has almost met the height of the second floor. What has amazed me is what has been happening underground in the process. All awhile the tree was growing just about 6 feet. I remembered having to call a plumber to the house only to find the roots of the lanky tree had grown and reached deep into th

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