Shhhhh....PAUSE FOR PEACE This morning as I awakened, I was welcomed by the sunrise outside of my window. The beams of sunlight were peering through the cracks of the curtains. I jumped up, walked to the window, pulled back the curtains only to be greeted by a beautiful sunrise. I stood quietly. Taking it all in, I took a big breath, and as I exhaled, I thought of the word PAUSE and then the word PEACE came to mind. So many days have passed, and even though quarantined, I have felt the perpetual tug of the hurriedness of “getting things done”. But this morning, the stillness welcomed me. I paused and reflected on the beauty that was always there outside of the window, the birds chirpin


I have always enjoyed sitting down on a lazy afternoon or the holidays to enjoy putting together a jigsaw puzzle. One of my favorite types of jigsaw puzzles is the picturesque 200 pieces or less. There is something about glancing at the cover of the box, sorting through all of the pieces and ultimately putting them together. I must admit that most of the time it takes a course of days or even weeks, if time permits, to slowly piece the entire puzzle together. As I take each piece, hold it in my hand, look at the picture, glance back at each piece, the thought always comes to mind and I ask my self, “Now, where does this fit?” Of course, as you know, this process goes on and on until fina

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