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Elevate That ONE Word! The Sweet Power in Positive Words

This morning when I stepped out of my front door for my morning stroll, before I could even reach the edge of the driveway, I was greeted by the the beautiful sun, the summer breeze, and the birds chirping, It was then the thought came to mind "This is SO refreshing!"

I began bursting with energy and immediately picked-up the pace of my walking. As I turned the corner to enter the next street, everything around me suddenly looked lighter and much brighter. The atmosphere appeared to be more peaceful and there was a feeling of undeniable positivity surrounding me. I love moments like these!

As I reached the top of the street, I took a moment to stretch, looked around me and said out loud to myself, "This is SO refreshing". It then dawned on me that I just had that same thought when I began the walk. I had set the tone for my walking experience for the day. It was my words that set the climate for positivity. As I thought about being refreshed, I actually was embracing moments of refreshing. That ONE word, REFRESHING, did it! I had elevated that word in my thinking and thus, elevated my space!

We've all heard it before: "Words have power". Of course they do. Our lives function and operate on words. Whether spoken, in print or in our thinking. Isn't it amazing how hearing or saying, "Hello, How are you?", "Thank You", "Awesome!" or "Wonderful!" can make an immediate shift of positivity in the moment? Undeniably amazing!

There are powerful affects of words. I want to focus in zeroing in on positive words today. Positive words elevate. Affirming words uplift us, encourage us to go the distance, empowers us to do great things, catapult us forward, shifts our mindset, grounds us to appreciate who we are, challenges us to be courageous, anchors us in resilience, inspire us to have a brighter outlook on life, and so on. Positive words are sweet!

I love this scripture in Proverbs 16:24 (KJV), "Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones." That's right, positive words are sweet!

Positive words elevate.

Today, what is your ONE word that would be your sweet power today? What ONE word could you infuse into your moment, into your day or into your situation that can make enlighten it, that can empower you, that can ultimately elevate you and shift your atmosphere to a positive one?

Would it be.....could it be peace, love, courage, yes, tenacity, hope, joy, strength, power, achievement, beautiful, win, renew, purpose, growth, perseverance, enlighten...? The list of positive words are limitless!

I am holding on to the ONE word REFRESHING today, up until now, I have been feeling refreshed and look forward to moments of refreshing, Where will this word lead me today? A visit to the lake or a drive to the mountains for moments of refreshing perhaps! What's your ONE word? Embrace it today and create your moment of positivity. There is something sweet about it!

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