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By Carmela E. Head

I have been off of the grid over the past 3 weeks to a month with my social media pages. A posting here and there when needed. My wheels had been spinning immensely in many directions, I had a lot of maneuvering with navigating the many things on my plate, engaging life's journey, generating new content, writing, and balancing various roles.

I am an avid advocate of slowing down to gauge where I am. I speak about that very often, especially as a personal development coach helping others in time management and time utilization, I apply those concepts to my life as well to stay in tip top shape in many areas of my life.

One of my early Transformational Moment Blogs and Podcasts entitled "Time Out! Hitting the PAUSE Button", I spoke candidly about the importance of pausing and even hitting the reset button because there may be opportunities for refreshing ourselves with quiet time or even down time of reflection. Sometimes, we miss moments of empowerment because we are moving in overdrive. Taking a needed break is not just a luxury but a necessity.

In order to be innovative, fresh, motivated and have great ideas that are being pushed forward, it is imperative and an encouragement to put ourselves in a position of allowing ourselves to be at our best and being at our best sometimes require that we step back and recalibrate. I equate recalibration as the resetting of the dials. as an analogy. Sometimes we may just need that extra time to tweak, reset or even to reorganize.

Batteries are always in need of recharging. We too can enjoy the moments of recharging ourselves so that we can perform at our best. A recharging could be very beneficial to us so that we move forward in a greater way, refreshed and ready. Start the month of May in a great way! Stop. Take a break. Enjoy the view. Recalibrate.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Copyright 2023 Carmela E .Head

If you would like to take time to stop, reflect and recalibrate, I invite you to my engaging journal:


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