Intentionality & Vision

There is one thing I definitely know with conviction and that is if you are going to do anything as it pertains to your vision, complete it or get to the finish line with achieving anything it's going to take intentionality. Today as I sit to pen this article, I pause to think about the navIgation of a ship as it prepares to dock. The captain can see land at a distance and has a focal point of where the ship will dock. The same would be a of a track runner who is racing in the 100 yard dash. The focal point in the distance is the finish line. The goal is to cross the finish the line. . As with the navigation of the ship and the track runner, both have a destination in sight. The goal is to

Lending a Shining Light!

Isn't it amazing how a little bit of light can make a big difference in a space or place where it's dim? There's nothing better than to hear the click of the light coming on when walking into a dim room. Light brings us reassurance, because it provides the illumination we need to see clearly and when we see clearly there is a sense of peace and order about things, Would you agree? There is something about when the sun breaks through the clouds during the day. It puts a pep in our steps. I absolutely love decorating my home. There's something special that happens when I add a couple of lamps here and there. It's like the room becomes more inviting. Interior decorators would agree that

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