A Space and Place to Flourish!

A Space & Place to Flourish Recently, I visited a thriving botanical garden nearby. I have been wanting to visit this popular attraction for the longest and I finally made it an afternoon mini-day-trip. As a person who thrives on being outdoors, I could not wait for this opportunity. I visited the greenhouse first and then proceeded to take a casual stroll through-out the gardens. As I entered the greenhouse, I was so amazed at the array of plants and flowers there. The vibrancy of all of the plants and flowers were absolutely captivating and the colors that filled the rooms from corner to corner were astounding. I stood in the middle of one of the rooms and took a selfie. I was definit

His Grace, His Peace, His Strength

Grace and peace be multiplied to you! I am so thankful for the grace of God. Today, I am pondering on the strength God gives us in our time of weakness. Are you in a place where it would be great to hear a word of encouragement to lighten your load? Sometimes, we all need a huge dose of encouragement to pick us up as circumstances in life may push us into a place of uncertainty, invoke feelings of inadequacy, limitations, complacency, or even anxiety. It is during these times we can be reminded of God’s grace and His strength. Recently, I was reminded by the Lord of His strength in my weakness. I had become taxed with many duties and responsibilities. As the list of “things to do” grew

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