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Fill YOUR Cup

I was recently having a conversation with a close friend about coffee,. She is an avid coffee drinker.. We had an engaging talk about the art of brewing coffee in a coffee press while were out shopping. She explained about the function of the press and I was very impressed with it. As we shopped, I was really drawn to this little coffee press that serves one. I imagined the mornings I could brew some for myself. The thought of having an individual one for a guest did cross my mind (I thought that would be a good idea too) but I was more intrigued about how it could be a staple for me for a quick morning cup. "How nice this little contraption would be if I could have one all to myself," I thought to myself over and over again. I put the coffee brewer down and we went on with our shopping,

This one thought is really indicative of a greater awareness that we need to sometimes fill our cups and savor the moments first then we can enjoy preparing a cup for someone else.

There are many times we do not have much to give because our capacity is running low. By taking time to rejuvenate, refill and recharge ourselves we can then pass on inspiration, much needed help, and utilize our gifts in a greater way. I have often heard the quote "you can't give out of an empty vessel.." It's when we give from a full vessel we can make a greater impact because we are giving from a place a peace and restoration. Allow God to fill you, restore and renew you so you, in turn, can be a blessing to others. (Psalm 23:5).

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