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Fall Into Purpose!

Fall is officially here! This is my absolute favorite season. I am drawn to the vibrant pallet of falling burnt orange,, yellow-golds, mossy greens,and the soft browns, which graces an array of leaves each autumn season.

On the shelves of our stores we smell the luscious apple pie, vanilla, cinnamon spice and clove fragrances beckoning us to a feeling of warmth, balance and a sense of gratitude. Break out the spiced tea and apple cider! It's time for sweet potato pie and all of our favorite comforting dishes. Everything is falling into place. Everything has a special meaning and resonates in our hearts in a very special way.

So it is with purpose. I am convinced that our individual purposes begin to fall into place when we integrate our goals, our God given talents, our skills and our abilities into our own individual blueprint. Everyday and everything that we do begins to have more meaning and produces a harvest of possibilities for us to move forward into our destinies.

As we embrace and reflect on this fall season, let us remember to embrace our purpose and to let it all "fall into place".

Be Transformed!


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