Grow With The Flow

Today I stand aloft on a rustic balcony overlooking trees and to my amusement and enjoyment, I see a quietly rushing river across the way. This week I am retreating in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

As I stand taking it all in, with the sound and view if the river, a sense of calm overshadows the morning and I am reminded of the impact of the water on the bank as it pushes along.

How many times have we felt the move of God in our lives pushing us to step out into greater things but because of fear, doubt and reasoning we hesitate moving forward because we cannot see where the move is taking us?

The flow of the moving water does reconstruction to the riverbank, beautifies it, removes particles along the way, rearranges the terrain and refreshes the land. It is never stagnant but ever flowing and renewing.

There have been many times where I have hesitated in the course of moving forward. All of the what, where, and when questions tend to surface. But, I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit who guides and leads us, the peace of God that helps us to rest in faith knowing that God's presence goes before us (Psalm 29:11) (Isaiah 52:12), that his love casts out and expels our fears (1 John 4:18) and that his grace will carry us forward. We then grow with the flow.

The flow of God is impacting us by reconstructing our goals and plans, leading us, moving us along, carrying us greater heights, into greater dimensions in our gifts, from glory to glory and building us to do great things!

So today as I focus in on the beauty of the river, I will be reminded of the function of the flow, restoration and the peaceful move of water.

Today, in faith, in this new season, I choose to grow with the flow!

Be Transformed!