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Walking In The Moment

Embracing The Simple Things In Life

My daughter and I recently took a quick trip to Sullivan's Island. We took a moment out of our day to stop and take in the Atlantic Ocean right after a wonderful time of enjoying brunch and time with family.

Usually, a trip to the beach would include spending time walking in the sun, sitting and enjoying the roaring waves of the ocean on a warm spring or summer day with my favorite book in tow. Yet, on this particular day, we persisted on going forth to take it all in although the weather was a bit chilly, cloudy and breezy.

Even though the sun was behind the clouds, we experience peace and tranquility. The sand beneath our feet as we walked along the shoreline and the pulse of our shoes quietly strolling across the boardwalk was just enough to add to the excitement of our day. With a sense of gratitude, we simply talked about how great it was to have the opportunity to experience the simple, yet fun things in life.

I took a moment to step at the peak of the shore. Viewing the vastness of the ocean was breathtaking and reminded me once again that it's in simplicity that we find greatness and to enjoy the moment. So.....,I stood there, embraced it all and walked in the moment.

As you go on through out your day, be empowered to relish the simplicity of your moments,. A glance at the landscape, a hot cup of coffee or tea, a quick run to the store while listening to the breeze outside of the window, time doing your favorite hobby or pastime or just a time of fun and fellowship with friends and family. Enjoy the moment. In those moments are the jewels of inspiration, empowerment and purpose.

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