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Seeing Beyond The Obvious! Adding Value To What Is Already There

Everyday there seems to be a new product coming out in the market and everyday at a remarkable rate there are also new updated versions of things being presented: ..."The New and Improved!"...etc. This is the great thing we call innovation! I love innovation because it keeps us fresh and open to creativity. Because I am constantly thinking of creative things to do, I find myself pondering sometimes about how I can add something new to what is already there. In other words, how can I add my special touch to something and make it better.

Isn't it exciting how we can take a plain box and turn it into something special and functional like a treasure box. Add some bling, color, fabric, buttons, etc and instantaneously you have something new! You have now added value to something that was already there. Obviously it was a plain box, but now it's uniquely something useful and perhaps treasured by someone. Value is relative worth, merit or importance.

Everyday, l am empowered to use my creativity to produce more value. My added touch to something matters and brings uniqueness to the table. Today is a great day for the opportunity to begin adding your special touch to something that is already there. Your gifts, innovative creativity and skills matter.

Could you use up to 7 minutes of empowerment and inspiration for your day? Join me with the Be Transformed Transformational Moment Podcast!

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