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Instant Replay!

I can truly say, shaking my head, but with a fun laugh, that I am not the greatest die-hard sports buff. In my younger days, I did enjoy engaging in sports and the fun that came with the team experience. I can say that I do like when fall rolls around I get to watch great football games and join in on the excitement! I am definitely not an expert, but I would like to say that I have come to know a lot about sports and how many of the the games are played.

One the most interesting and important part of the game is watching the instant replays. I love watching the instant replays. This is the time we get to roll back and slow down the recording of the play to take a closer and deeper look at what just took place. It's in the instant replays that we assess, magnify, even ask questions and come to our very own conclusions.. Instant replays are beneficial and a great asset to the game. In a positive way, it shows some great moves and play, most of which we couldn't see as quickly as we would have liked to. I am always amazed at the power of technology through the various vantage points through the camera lenses. We get the see the plays from all angles. So the instant replays play a big part in the game!

There are moments in my journey towards moving out in my purpose when I have to do an "instant replay" of certain actions that I have taken, decisions I've made, and opportunities that availed itself for me.. How did I do? What positive impact has it made in my moving forward? How did my most recent plan of actions add to my momentum or goals along the way. Sometimes, it's good strategy to take an immediate-deeper and clearer look at where we are in the scheme of things...then make time to study it by zooming-in and taking a look at all angels.

It's in those instant replays that we get to learn the most about the uniqueness of ourselves, how we can tweak things and make possibilities even better. I am most grateful for those "instant replay" moments!

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