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Time Out! Hitting the PAUSE Button

If you were to suggest taking a moment to "chill-out" you wouldn't have to ask me twice! Those that know me well can attest that I am an avid "relaxer" after long stretches of working on projects and that I take necessary moments of time- out to hit the PAUSE button.. You will find me relaxing near flowing rivers, listening to the soft ripples of lake waters, listening to my favorite songs that empower and rejuvenate me, taking in an inspirational podcast, enjoying mellow cups of herbal teas, or definitely enjoying a good read, Sometimes it's just a brief relaxing stroll. I am all about getting recharged. It's in those moments of serenity and tranquility that I become collected and gain insightful ideas and strategies for my goals. These are valuable moments.

In my last article and podcast entitled Instant Replay, I talked about slowing down the replays to assess and zeroing in to see where we are in the scheme of things. Hitting the PAUSE button and taking a time-out is a great opportunity for reflecting on where we are as well and to savor the moments of peacefulness. In my book, Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny, on one of my insight pages, it quotes:


"Every football and basketball game needs periods of time-outs. How would the players function without it? Time-outs are short breaks used for regrouping, recharging, and developing strategies. Time-outs are brief rest periods allowed in the games and should be used. So it is in our lives. We have to make time in our day to refresh our thoughts, recharge our minds, sharpen our attitudes and get back on track so we can be productive. We all know what could happen if players in the game didn't take take breaks. They could become exhausted.....and unproductive.

What a great way to recharge and get back into position.....Let's Hit the PAUSE button and take a time-out! Enjoy!

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