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Putting your VISION in motion

Write the vision. Make it plain in tablets so that those who read it may run with it!  Habakkuk 2:2 - 3

Today, as I write this article, I am SO motivated! I am working remotely from Atlanta, Georgia after enjoying a very engaging book signing event!

I am so glad to be in a location where there is an atmosphere of peace, support and serenity where I can ground myself and get back into working on my vision.

I woke up this morning thinking about vision! This is one of my passionate topics because I truly believe in the fact of having a definitive focal point where I can focus on arriving. I am empowered to see goals manifest into reality when I just take the time to get the dream of my head, write it down on paper where I can see it, set strategies, plans, and action steps to push it forward,. Then, like a track runner begin running with intention in the direction of the goal.

I have learned over time that we put our dreams into motion just by creating a plan of action, We then have a workable tool to use to keep it moving. It's a plan, a compass, and a blueprint to keep us focused and accountable so that as the weeks progress we can look back and see how far we've come. Now that';s empowering!

I too have noticed that it's not how fast I run to seize the goal but it's the momentum and the persistence that keeps me moving. I am encouraged by the scripture that says: The race is not won to the swift but to him that endures till the end," Ecclesiastes 9:11

Begin today by putting your vision in motion. I hope you will see great and tangible results as you move forward to achieving your goals!

Be Transformed,


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