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Stir It Up!

Oh My Gosh! Today is a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining brightly today. I am peering outside of the window as I write this article and I'm gazing at the beautiful landscaping. I can see the branches on the trees across the street swaying with the light breeze. The sky is blue with no cloud in sight! Magnificent view! the midst of this magnificent view it seems like it is taking me forever to get in the groove of getting my words down on paper and to get the podcast recorded today. I am almost on the 6th take! How appropriate being that the title of my article is "Stir It Up!" That's right, "Stir It Up!" LOL

As I write this article today to empower, I think of those moments when I feel like I am walking in slow motion, trying to get it together, and my momentum seems like it's just dragging along.

But, the good news is that I can get back on track by just "stirring it up"!

This concept motivates me today! Here's an analogy: Mixers and blenders have one of the same and similar functions. For one thing, they both agitate. The outcome of both the mixer and the blender is to combine everything together through a form of agitation. Otherwise, everything will just sit there.

Imaging trying to bake a cake without mixing any of the ingredients, like the savory spices, the flour, and all of the other items that makes a cake great! Now, imagine that scrumptious coffee cake, pecan pie, or delectable lemon pound cake. In order to produce an outcome like that it takes all of those wonderful ingredients to be mixed together.

Where are we going with this?

Well....I find that when those moments of routine (pertaining to pursuing my dreams and goals) try to slow me down, I am reminded to get my "mental mixer" out and begin stirring up those awesome "wow factors" like intentionality, motivation, enthusiasm, exploration & discovery, inspiration, innovation ,gratitude, and all those things that push me forward, I am reminded that those "wow factors" are at my reach. I don't have to leave them lying there dormant. I can mix them together and I know that I am more likely to be much more productive!

My take-away today.... I'm putting all of those "wow factors" together and I'm stirring them up! The end-result: I am looking forward to productivity! Can you hear the motivation?

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