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Who Me?

I can remember a time when I was sitting at an event where everyone was given a raffle ticket. On the edge of our seats, everyone awaited the announcement of who would be in possession of the winning tickets. On the front table displayed some of the most illustrious prizes. As the second or third ticket was called, a lady two seats down had one of the winning raffle tickets.

Jumping up in excitement she screamed, “Who me?!” I can’t believe I won one of THOSE prizes! I can’t believe I am receiving something like that!....not me!” I am sure she meant well in the midst of her excitement (and hopefully realized she was most deserving of receiving the prize as anyone else) after all, just about everyone at the event would have been happy to be the recipient of one of those nice gifts.

How many of us have asked that question within ourselves? Who Me? Isn’t that how we can sometimes respond when we are complimented by others about doing something great that we may perceive or believe to be outside of our scope of expertise? Sometimes, that little notion of doubt begins to surface and we say to ourselves, “Who Me?”

I am reminded of many people in history or even modern day individuals who have stepped out of the box of their comfort zone. Even if it was a little step, they took on task, an endeavor or even pursued a goal that they thought was too far to reach or beyond their mastery and ended up proving to themselves that they could do it and were deserving to show that they could accomplish it.

I am convinced that we are deserving of being empowered to do great things. Even when we are encouraged by others, as they see the capabilities within us, we sometimes draw back and say, “Who Me?”

I am so glad that we can crush that notion because of a scripture that comes to reassure and affirms us that, yet in all these things we are more than conquerors in Him who loved us (Rom 8:37).

Let us be encouraged and reminded to stop and embrace the moments when we are presented with the opportunity to do great things or to do the things beyond which we believe to be out of our scope or expertise, that we can and are deserving to make a lasting contribution.

So why not ask the question, “Why Not Me?”

Be Transformed!

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