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Packing Light! Making More Room For Teachable Moments

I absolutely love travelling. I have been traveling most of my life. You can always find me pulling out the old faithful suitcase and getting ready to pack it up with items for my trip, As I have gotten older and more wiser, I have found that packing minimally is best for a weekend trip. In times past, I couldn't help myself, I would over-pack my luggage with everything but the kitchen sink for those "just in case I need it' moments. But I came to find that every time I would over-pack, I would never have enough room to accommodate anything else on my trips, especially if I wanted to purchase some neat find, trinket, or article of clothing. My bags would be so overstuffed to the max and to my disappointment I would leave my destination with the same old over-stuffed bag with nothing new in it.

So it is with being open to learning and discovering new things. I call these moments, "teachable moments". There are moments and opportunities through-out my day that I open myself to "being teachable" whether it's by reading about something that inspires me to move forward in my purpose, to gaining new instructions of how to make or fix things, or gaining new insight about a topic that will enhance my life. These teachable moments may also help me in delving deeper into the scriptures during my devotional time, or even getting a new perspective by engaging in some really great dialogue with others.

I do this by affording myself the time, latitude and space to do so. I also do this not over-committing my calendar, but, penciling in time for me. Either way, I am open to encountering new things by freeing up my daily load, if it's possible.

So, what does this mean? I am packing light and I am making room for more teachable moments. That way, I am "unpacking" or downloading more of these new learning experiences and making them useful in my daily life. By now, if you have read any of my other articles, you would know that I love analogies (LOL!) . I truly am amazed at how packing light makes a difference. I always have room to add something great to take away with me.

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