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A Clean Sweep!

Thanksgiving was a blast! We had a vast array of items on the menu this year, from the all favorite, turkey, ham, dressing, sweet potato casserole, collard greens, to curried goat, curry chicken, and a host of other tasty entrees. We feasted by enjoying the opportunity to sample each one of the dishes only to return to partake of a second and even a third helping.

Then came the time came to decide what to do with all of that food..

Can you recall the feeling you had when you last opened the refrigerator to see everything in place and all items placed in an orderly fashion? I absolutely love when I can actually see everything in there! Weeks ago, we feasted on all the trimmings from Thanksgiving, only to wonder how we were going to place all of those entrees in the refrigerator. What a challenge! The refrigerator was packed to capacity with brand new groceries to baking items, condiments and Thanksgiving leftovers! It was time to say “good-bye “ to left-overs, cans, jars, plastic bags, this and that!

As I stood peering into the opened refrigerator, my jaw dropped and I thought of the task that awaited me. I was not interested in holding on to leftovers nor was I elated about figuring out what to do with all of the collected jars and containers of condiments that I was no longer going to need for future use. So, I did a clean sweep! I discarded all of the leftovers and those unwanted jars and containers. I pulled everything out of the fridge, one by one, and analyzed what was going to stay. When refreshed the fridge, it looked like a brand new refrigerator. I smiled and returned the necessary items back inside and put everything in it’s proper place.

I thought about this encounter with cleaning my refrigerator and I am reminded of the power of God within us. When we are overtaxed with unnecessary things, opening ourselves to circumstances that add no substance or value to our lives, entertaining outdated strategies, marinating in old stale mindsets, the power of God is there to restore us. His power is able to to clean us, refresh us, and restore order so that everything will be in order. We then can move forward with vision and we can see clearly. Yes! No more leftovers!

Be Transformed!


In my book, Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny, I have a chapter that speaks to the residue in our lives and the importance of moving forward with a renewed mindset . Get your copy today. Go to "Ordering the Book" link on my website at:

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