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Say YES to your vision!

Say YES to your vision!

I absolutely love great stories! Of all the motivating, empowering and inspiring things I love to hear are the testimonies of those innovators, pioneers and creative individuals who, through confidence, faith and determination pursued, seized and affirmed their dreams. I recently heard of an entrepreneur who overcame the odds of opening a business despite of the opposing words of naysayers stating that the business would and could never be profitable or successful in that particular industry.

Despite those words, that business is now flourishing and is very successful! Amazing! I paused and thought what if that person, along with the multitude of others who have experienced the same encounters, had decided to put their dream on a shelf to appease to those who could not see their vision. I then thought to myself “When people defy naysayers big things happen!” Big things in terms of gratitude, success, self-actualization and the enjoyment of seeing their dreams and vision come to pass.

The words of the naysayers do not have to have take root and influence you to abandon your vision. Take heart in knowing that what you have to contribute is uncommon, unmatched and original. Others looking from the outside in cannot see effectively through your lenses. I love this analogy. This is why we struggle to see when we put someone else’s glasses on. As humorous as it may sound, it’s very profound.

Be empowered to know that surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who foster positivity and enlightenment empowers you to move forward in your dreams. You have a cheering squad especially designed for you! That’s huge! You are destined to do significant, great and phenomenal things. Keep trucking along so that one day your experience will be a testament of perseverance and the promise of what believing in your dreams can bring.

Say yes to your vision!

In my book, “Be Transformed: Empowering You For Destiny” there is a quote from my chapter “Chosen” that I would like to share: 'get back in the race and take your place in destiny!’

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