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Lending a Shining Light!

Isn't it amazing how a little bit of light can make a big difference in a space or place where it's dim? There's nothing better than to hear the click of the light coming on when walking into a dim room. Light brings us reassurance, because it provides the illumination we need to see clearly and when we see clearly there is a sense of peace and order about things, Would you agree? There is something about when the sun breaks through the clouds during the day. It puts a pep in our steps.

I absolutely love decorating my home. There's something special that happens when I add a couple of lamps here and there. It's like the room becomes more inviting. Interior decorators would agree that there is something beneficial about how lighting illuminates various areas of a room or a living space. It sets the stage for relaxation, it sets the stage for productivity, conversation, and it produces a welcoming environment. Light energizes!

As I am reminded of the fact that light energizes, I am encouraged to know that we all have talents and skills that can enlighten others around us. Some of us are wordsmiths, encouragers, or even great listeners. There are so many talents and skills that lies within us. Through our unique talents and skills, what light can we bring today to someone on the other end of the phone or into your home today that can brighten their moment? It only takes a little bit of light to brighten up or to make someone's day.

I come from a family of lighthearted people. When we get together, we love to laugh and engage in lighthearted uplifting conversation. It is in these moments that we find well-being and enlightenment.

So, I would like to propose a challenge today to find one way to lend a "shining light moment" to someone. It could be a word of positivity, understanding, or expressing gratitude. Whatever that "shining light moment" is, it only takes a little bit of light to illuminate a space.

Again, light definitely sets the stage for inspiration, empowerment and productivity. Lending a light is amazing! It warms the heart of the giver and the receiver. A little bit of light makes a big difference!

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