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Intentionality & Vision

There is one thing I definitely know with conviction and that is if you are going to do anything as it pertains to your vision, complete it or get to the finish line with achieving anything it's going to take intentionality.


Today as I sit to pen this article, I pause to think about the navIgation of a ship as it prepares to dock. The captain can see land at a distance and has a focal point of where the ship will dock. The same would be a of a track runner who is racing in the 100 yard dash.

The focal point in the distance is the finish line.

The goal is to cross the finish the line.


As with the navigation of the ship and the track runner, both have a destination in sight. The goal is to be intentional about arriving there by not taking the focus off of the focal point.

I have come to learn that intentionality and vision go hand in hand. Intention provides the push, drive and persistence that we need to ensure we stay on track, keep the pace, and empower momentum.

Intention keeps us moving. Vision brings us there! Intention comes with deliberate action. Vision inspires us to create the plan of action.

There have been many times in my journey that I did not step out to pursue my goals with intention. Because I did not move with intentionality, I got distracted and ultimately delayed my pursuit of obtaining my goal. If you are looking to arrive at your destination on time or win a race, timing is everything. I am sure a track runner would agree.

These were teachable moments that enabled me to see the value of being intentional, to have a plan of action, and to stay focused on the end result. Believe me, it takes courage to stay the course and keep your vision front of you. I have learned the lesson of making intentionality a habit so that it becomes second nature in the process of moving forward with my vision.

It's worth having intentionality and your vision together in your set of tools. After all, both go hand in hand.

We can be encouraged to move courageously with intentionality, especially with reforming our habits, realigning our focus of where we are going, and moving boldly into our destiny.

With today's article, please enjoy a free Intentionality & Vision Action Plan that will help you brainstorm in developing a quick and easy strategy to stay focused on attaining your goal Click the picture below to download your free action plan!

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