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I have always enjoyed sitting down on a lazy afternoon or the holidays to enjoy putting together a jigsaw puzzle. One of my favorite types of jigsaw puzzles is the picturesque 200 pieces or less. There is something about glancing at the cover of the box, sorting through all of the pieces and ultimately putting them together. I must admit that most of the time it takes a course of days or even weeks, if time permits, to slowly piece the entire puzzle together.

As I take each piece, hold it in my hand, look at the picture, glance back at each piece, the thought always comes to mind and I ask my self, “Now, where does this fit?” Of course, as you know, this process goes on and on until finally, each piece finds a home in the right spot.

Now, one thing I have learned for sure from this process is that, piecing the puzzle together takes time and every piece, although, some may be shaped or cut the same, the impression on each one of them is different. Each piece plays a role in the ultimate picture as a whole.

"Piecing the puzzle together takes time!"

I have calculated many times in my life where I’ve wondered, pondered and even questioned how learning experiences, milestones, teachable moments, circumstances, seasons, new encounters, my purpose, new ideas, goals and even my dreams will ultimately tie together in the vision that I have set for myself.

I recently had a “transformational moment” where the light bulb came on and I pondered again posing the same questions.

The word that came to mind was DRIVEN. Every time I pulled out the puzzle box and glanced at the cover picture, I was driven to take those puzzle pieces and put them together. Although it was a work in progress, I realized that each piece plays an intricate part in the bigger picture over time. It all begins with one piece! This new concept has illuminated my thought process and has revealed to me the true meaning of vision that I can always trace progress with each one of my experiences building and connecting while being DRIVEN to my move forward in towards my


The completed picture began with one puzzle piece. Begin today by making strides to create your vision one piece at a time.

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