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Balancing Acts!

I can vividly remember numerous times in times past of letting out big sighs while grabbing my keys and dashing out of the front door just to get to an appointment which was way on the other side of town, My mind was heavily focused on hurrying to get into the car, At that moment, while gathering my "stuff", I envisioned myself beating the clock as I made my way down the traffic-ladened interstate.

While grabbing my cup of tea, my purse, my laptop (just in case I needed to stop at a bakery with WIFI to work on content), my agenda books and other so-called "necessities", I felt like an acrobat commencing a balancing act; reaching here, bending there and carrying everything but the kitchen sink! Sounds comical, but there are times when we are actually in the middle of trying to maneuver everything all at once and we forget to create a reservoir of peace that we can draw upon in times when we are in overload mode. One thing that comes to mind: In the midst of peace there is balance.

Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines balance as "stability produced by even distribution of weight on each side of the vertical axis:" Right now as I am writing this, I am vividly imagining a scale with equal weights on both sides. There is no overload on either side.

When you think of balance, what comes to mind?

I am reminded of an old adage about putting all of your eggs into one basket. Why not have multiple baskets with the capacity to carry smaller amounts so that we can have some on reserve. Imagine what could happen if we piled all of those eggs into one basket. We will soon find ourselves having to do damage control, cleaning up a huge mess, and no additional eggs from which to draw from when we need them. Just because we have a multitude of eggs doesn't mean we have to put all of them into one basket. There is power in equal distribution and efficiency. Pull from one basket at a time. Balance is key! There is always room for reserve.

Hindsight is so very clear. A couple of easy and relaxed strolls back and forth to the car on timely schedule would have sufficed. To my benefit, moments of a peace-filled, relaxing ride, while listening to my favorite music along the way would have awaited me with a bonus!

So now, I have become more mindful of the importance of capacity & balance when I feel myself becoming the star in my own balancing act. I slow down, pause, take a moment to assess the inventory of what I am carrying and try to make the necessary steps to create moments of peace and efficiency through balance. I have learned a valuable lesson, Balance is key!

Join me today with creating an action plan to create balance and peace intentionally. Click below to receive your FREE Balance: Unlocking Capacity & Peace Action Plan: Begin Today By Creating Balance With Intention by Author & Speaker, Carmela E. Head.

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