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Keep Sowing: Your Fruit Is Coming (Planting for a Harvest, Pt. I)

Keep Sowing: Your fruit is coming!

“It’s not growing! I don’t see anything!” Have you heard or even said this before? If you are into gardening or even one who likes planting fruits, vegetables, trees and flowers, I am sure you have wondered this a time or two when looking for your seeds to sprout. I have said that many times when planting seeds in flower pots. “When is it going to grow?” The waiting process seems daunting, endless and pointless at times. In a get it quick society it can appear that we get unnerved when it comes to process and waiting.

Today, as I pen this article, I am thinking about the many times I have invested in my self-development. It could be in the areas of education, training, self-care, exploration and discovery, well-being, healthy living or even as it pertains to attaining my goals. We wonder will there be a return on our investments?

Well, I am here to say that I have learned through life’s experiences that when we sow seeds of greatness into our lives through meaningful pursuits and ventures that will enhance us, we ultimately will reap a harvest sooner or later. Sometimes we don’t see the fruit of our labor right away, but, it’s coming. We sometimes look at the sprouting stage through the lens of uncertainty instead of the lens of expectancy. Oh, my goodness! That is so profound! And after all of the waiting, we soon see the small benefits of the sowing: the seeds are sprouting!

I get excited when I think of this, because, in time I will reap the harvest of what I have sown. It may sometimes show up down the road, but I have to encourage myself that what I am doing now, even if it is hard work, will produce great benefits in my life later on. From a positivity perspective, my work is in progress and it is a process.

We sometimes look at the sprouting stage through the lens of uncertainty instead of the lens of expectancy!

So, I encourage you today, as you invest into yourself and move forward in self-development and self-improvement: wait for it! Those seeds will sprout. Fruit is coming! It’s inevitable. Keep sowing!

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